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Duke on the List of Highest Salaries After Graduation

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, June 30, 2016

College is an investment, so which schools make sure you get a return? With college costs and student-debt levels reaching an all-time high, it’s important–we’d argue necessary–to think about which schools produce the highest earning alumni. For some this is a practical matter, with big earnings as a path to quickly pay off any student loans. For others, it is a matter of life ambition to move up the financial and social ladder. FORBES researched and rounded up a list of the top 25 colleges where graduating students go on to earn the highest mid-career salaries, meaning they have worked for at least 10 years.

16: Duke University, Durham, NC

  • Mid-Career Earnings: $92,350
  • Overall Best Value Rank: No. 31
  • Top College Rank: No. 22

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Best Cities for Recent College Grads - Raleigh, Garner, NC

Joseph Coupal - Monday, June 20, 2016

Finding a job after college is imperative for many college seniors and some cities offer more career opportunities than others. As we approach graduation season, NerdWallet crunched the numbers to find the best cities in the US for recent college graduates. Can you guess which city came out on top?

7. Raleigh, NC

Population between 20-29: 19.4 percent
Population 25 or older with a Bachelor's degree: 31.9 percent
Median earnings for Bachelor's degree holders: $45,495
Cost of living index: 93.6
Workers with management, business, science or arts jobs: 46.3 percent
Unemployment rate: 5.1 percent
Overall score: 69.81

Raleigh’s population is highly educated, with 31.9 percent of residents 25 and over holding a Bachelor’s degree—the third highest proportion of the nation’s 50 largest cities. Raleigh’s major industries include manufacturing, aerospace, biotechnology and green energy. Two of the top employers in the area are SAS Institute, Inc., which is headquartered in the region, and North Carolina State University.

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CS Monitor

Raleigh, NC: One of America’s Cities of the Future

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, June 09, 2016

Which cities have the best chance to prosper in the coming decade? The question is a complex one, and as the economy changes, so, too, will the best-positioned cities.

To identify the cities most likely to boom over the next 10 years, we took the 53 largest metropolitan statistical areas in the country (those with populations exceeding 1 million) and ranked them based on eight metrics indicative of past, present and future vitality. We factored in, equally, the percentage of children in the population, the birth rate, net domestic migration, the percentage of the population aged 25-44 with a bachelor’s degree, income growth, the unemployment rate, and population growth.

The results show two divergent kinds of ascendant cities. One is driven by the tech industry, the in-migration of educated people and sharply rising incomes; the other type is what we describe as “opportunity cities,” which tend to have a diverse range of industries, lower costs and larger numbers of families. We may be one country, but the future is being shaped by two very different urban archetypes.

No. 5: Raleigh, North Carolina

Pct. Of Children in Population (5-14): 14.7%
Job Growth, 2010-15: 15.4%
Population Growth, 2010-14: 10.0%
Net Domestic Migration, 2010-14: 11.0 per 1,000
Birth Rate, 2010-14: 12.9 per 1,000 women
Bachelor's Degree Holders (Pct. of Pop. 25-44): 49.0%

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Millennials in Raleigh Are Taking Longer to Buy a Home – Apartments in Garner, NC

Joseph Coupal - Friday, June 03, 2016

A report found student debt reduces millennials’ savings for down payment, making it difficult for college-educated millennials to own homes in the Raleigh-Durham area.

The report, released last week by, found college-educated millennials with student debt need to save for an average of 10.2 years to pay a 20 percent down payment on a home, compared to around five years for those without.

But in Raleigh, college-educated millennials with student debt need to save for 15.2 years, while those without student debt need to save for only 5.4.

Here are some other highlights from the report:

  • Millennials without a college degree in Raleigh need to save for 10.4 years.
  • Nationally, 58 percent of college-educated millennials have monthly student loan payments, paying an average of $410.
  • In Raleigh, 52 percent have student debt, with 33 percent paying at least $300 monthly.
  • College graduates without student debt save $270 monthly for a down payment, compared to $110 for graduates with student debt.
  • Millennials without a degree save $140 per month.

Although rising rent and student debt are hindrances for millennials wanting to own homes, the report suggests that delaying homeownership is partly by choice. The report said college graduates with debt have higher incomes than those without, but after higher taxes and student debt payments, their disposable income is about $1,100 lower. Despite these differences, both groups spend roughly the same amount on their expenses, suggesting college-graduate millennials with student debt are choosing to cut back on savings for homes despite being able to afford them.

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