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Ways Retirees can Profit from Downsizing Their Home

Joseph Coupal - Friday, September 28, 2018

Abberly Place apartments in Garner, NCYour instinct may be to view downsizing your home in retirement as a necessary evil, but it may actually be an opportunity in disguise.

If you bought your house decades ago, you probably had a very different lifestyle than you do now. Paying for all that extra space can put an unnecessary strain on your retirement income. Why be saddled with the expense of a property that doesn't fit your needs anymore?

Downsizing, on the other hand, may improve your financial situation and help you avoid depleting your savings account in the long run. Preserving your wealth in retirement is one of the main reasons for downsizing, but there are other important benefits of downsizing to consider as well.

Downsizing your home for retirement

To be clear, downsizing in retirement doesn't mean moving into a senior-living center or long-term care facility. It's about finding a place that better suits your current needs as opposed to the needs you had 25 years ago. There are a lot of possibilities -- an apartment, condo or smaller house. Here are some other good reasons for downsizing:

Unlock equity in your home

Your home may be your biggest asset, but its value may be under-utilized if you're living in a house that is larger than you need. Selling your home is one way to unlock the equity you have built up and make it available for use.

Lower your utility bills

The larger your property, the larger your utility bills are likely to be. This is an ongoing expense you could reduce by downsizing.

Avoid health/safety emergencies

As people get older and start to have trouble getting around, their homes may pose risks to them in the form of steep stairs, slippery bathroom surfaces, etc. These risks are exacerbated if you live far away from emergency help. Moving to a property that is easier to navigate and closer to medical aid could help keep you safe.

Reduce property taxes

Property taxes are generally assessed as a percentage of the property's value. Move to a less expensive home and you can reduce this ongoing expense.

Save on routine travel

When you bought your house, you may have focused on how close it was to things like schools and your job. Once the kids leave home and you retire, a more convenient location would be one close to shopping and services you routinely need.

Cut down on repairs/maintenance

Any homeowner knows that property comes with regular needs for repairs and maintenance. Cut the size of your property and you can cut the number of bills. Switch from owning to renting and you can avoid most of these expenses altogether.

Pay for fewer services

It may be a lawn service, house-cleaning, or perhaps something else, but, if you are regularly paying for help keeping up with your property, this is another way you can save money by downsizing.

When is the right time to downsize?

Aside from the decision whether to downsize, another tough call is when to do it.

Many homeowners hold out for as long as possible and only make the move when forced into it by physical decline or financial distress. However, doing it earlier and on your own terms might help preserve your physical and financial health.

Financially, it is always best to look ahead and make decisions when they have the most chance to have a positive impact. A full-sized house can represent an unsustainable strain on your finances. If you pour a lot of your retirement savings into keeping up a home before you decide to sell out, there is no getting those savings back.

Conserving your assets in retirement is always an exercise in uncertainty because you don't know how long you will live or what expenses you will incur. So the best strategy is to look for ways to control spending before you are forced to. This allows you to remain constructively invested longer and make less drastic choices about your budget.

Therefore, a good time to first consider downsizing is when you are approaching retirement and trying to figure out if you have enough money to retire. When you are trying to work out your financial future on a retirement calculator, it helps to know if you can anticipate spending less on housing at some point in the future.

Downsizing does not have to mean losing the great memories you associate with living in your house. It just means preserving those memories through photographs and by sharing stories with friends and family, rather by than continuing to pay for space you no longer need.

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Why We Love Raleigh

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Abberly Place apartments in Garner, NCWe find the the communities in which we live and work to be special. After all, we believe that it’s how you live that matters and the communities you call home are a big part of your life.

Two favorite places in the country happen to be next door to one another in North Carolina’s Research Triangle region: Cary and Raleigh. Cary, a beautiful town just minutes from the city of Raleigh, is the location of one of our headquarters offices. HHHunt is very active in the Raleigh region.

It’s no surprise why the region is so attractive, especially given its impressive array of universities, diversified economy, stunning natural surroundings, and fabulous attractions. As the state capital of North Carolina, Raleigh is often referred to as the “City of Oaks” for its many stately oak trees. Home to more than a dozen noted museums, cutting-edge arts centers and performance venues, and wide array of collegiate and professional sports teams, there is always something to do in Raleigh. The community boasts a lot of natural beauty, many outdoor activities, a great dining scene, top-rated school systems, shopping destinations, and more.

Some of the favorite places in the area include the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve, State Farmers Market, Cary Theater, and the North Carolina State Capital. Also on the list are  the Koka Booth Amphitheatre, especially in the summer when the performing arts venue host a number of national musicians and the North Carolina Symphony’s Summerfest Series.

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Reasons to Love the Raleigh Area

Joseph Coupal - Friday, September 14, 2018

Abberly Place apartments in Garner, NCWe are proud to call the communities where we live and work our home. After all, we believe it’s how you live that matters and the communities you call home are a big part of your life. There is much to celebrate in Raleigh and the Research Triangle. 

Raleigh, Durham and the entire Research Triangle have many fabulous attractions, beautiful parks, great food and more. In fact, one of the reasons we love this area is that there are so many opportunities for active living. From miles of walking trails and bike paths to a nationally-recognized system of greenways, it’s easy to enjoy the natural surroundings and stay active. If you’re looking for a place to start, check out Pullen Park in the city of Raleigh. You won’t regret it!

The Research Triangle is known for its colleges and universities as well. Fall is a perfect time to be in the area and you can catch big-time college football games at UNC, NC State or Duke. The region also supports ongoing education and discovery with great cultural institutions. Some of our favorite spots are North Carolina Museum of Art, Duke Homestead, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, and the North Carolina State Capital.

Abberly Place is a beautiful apartment community located in Raleigh, NC. Each one, two, and three bedroom apartment features open and spacious living areas, 9 foot ceilings, and gorgeous crown molding. Centrally located, our apartments in Garner, NC offers quality residences with incomparable service. Choose the floor plan that best meets your busy lifestyle, including bonus indoor or outdoor space, and amenities. Abberly Place is minutes from downtown Raleigh, offering an easy morning commute and access to all Raleigh has to offer. If you are searching for an apartment, then come home to Abberly Place and enjoy the best apartment living in the area!

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Apartments That Offer the Top Amenities

Joseph Coupal - Friday, September 07, 2018

Abberly Place apartments in Garner, NCThe top four community amenities shown below are based on feedback from our customers and industry research. Not surprisingly, all of these amenities focus on the lifestyle that individuals want.

Active Living

Staying active and healthy is an important part of the HHHunt lifestyle. That priority is why our communities include an abundance of active lifestyle amenities. Our apartment communities, for example, boast cutting-edge fitness centers, such as Abberly Place in Garner, NC. These amenities have become very popular and highlight the demand for active living.

Social Spaces

Belonging to a community is about more than an apartment. What makes a community special are the people who call it home. Social spaces for neighbors to gather together and make lasting memories will be a top amenity trend this year. This trend gained momentum in recent years and will be even bigger in 2018. Despite the influx of virtual social spaces, people still crave face-to-face interaction. Community pools and clubhouses that are designed to encourage gatherings are popular features.

All About Pets

We can’t forget about pets because they are truly members of our family. Pet amenities are increasingly requested in new communities. Our apartments in Garner, NC includes three off leash bark parks.

Green Features and Outdoor Spaces

Similar to the focus on active lifestyles, residents in our apartment communities are looking for green features, such as open outdoor spaces that can be used for enjoying a picnic or playing with friends. Walking trails and paths are very popular as well.

These are the four big trends in community amenities that we’re seeing for 2018. As we noted above, the common theme among them is encouraging active and social lifestyles.

We believe it’s how you live that matters and choosing the lifestyle that best suits you is important. Finding a community to call home that includes the amenities you desire most will make your home even more special.

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