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How To Keep Kids Reading Over The Holiday Break

Darren Kincaid - Friday, December 10, 2010

How can we get our children to read more over the holiday break?  We’ll have to be sneaky in this one parents.  Are you expected to receive Cards in the mail from family members and friends?  Have your children read those cards aloud to you.  You can even reverse it and let you children write the cards that you’ll be sending out.

Keep Kids Reading Over The Holiday Break

Here are some other suggestions to keep kids reading over the holiday break:

  • Let the children read the ingredients on the holiday recipe box and you can bake them together.
  • Set some time aside to “show off” your kids reading skills.
  • Make holiday reading a tradition in your home.
  • Read Winter stories

Take a look at to learn more about Keeping your kids reading over the holiday break.

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Family Roasted Turkey

Darren Kincaid - Monday, November 22, 2010

It’s Turkey Time!!!

Baking a turkey can be fun.  You can turn this into a family event and family roast the bird.  Most of the larger family members don’t show up until the food is nearly ready to serve but for the immediate family who lives in your apartment with you, then can join in baking process.  Bake your turkey until the skin is a light golden color.  Then cover loosely with a foil tent during the last 45 minutes of baking.

The turkey is done when the thigh meat reaches an internal temperature of 180 degrees F. To get an accurate reading, be sure that your thermometer is not touching the bone.

This video will show you a bit more about roasting a turkey the right way.

Some of Us are Thermostats Others are Thermometers

Darren Kincaid - Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How determined are you to make a change in your life and for your life? As I’ve been blogging recently, there is a psychology of change. It doesn’t just happen. You have to prepare for it, weighing the options, motivation, and ability to see it through.

I’ve talked about DissatisfactionDiscipline, and Attitude. Now, I want to address your personality type. Are you a Thermometer or a Thermostat?

The Thermometer takes a reading on the situation. It’s a simple measurement. It’s hot, cold, normal or abnormal. There is no analysis or consideration, just a report, a number. A Thermometer personality looks at a situation as a given. My job is lousy and I’m stuck. The market is lousy so I can’t sell my house. This is the “It is what it is” mentality.

The Thermostat, on the other hand, adjusts. Just like a thermostat in your home can make the room more comfortable by changing the temperature, a Thermostat personality recognizes that change is possible. A rainy Monday is not the forecast for a bleak day or week ahead. They take what is given to them, assess it, determine its importance, and either deal with it or move on. They recognize that the temperature can change so when things are getting hot, you can cool it down by making the right moves.

So, take the time right now to identify — with total honesty — which personality type you are: thermometer or thermostat. And, if you’re a thermometer in need of changing, what will you do to change the way you reach to situations? How can you be better prepared to control your environment?

Once you’ve conquered your ability to be swayed by events around you, you’re ready to step up the next rung of the change ladder.

Guest Post via Myers Barnes

Think Again About Renting if you are Currently Buying

Darren Kincaid - Wednesday, November 03, 2010

We all need a place to call home but even with the real estate downturn, many people continue to think that buying a home is a good investment and a way for them to build wealth.  When times were good, this was not really the case for most people.  Wherever you choose to live, make sure it’s for the right reasons.  Owning a home can be rewarding. Renting an apartment home at Abberly Place can also be very rewarding.  Don’t just take our word for it – check out this article on Yahoo Finance – Why Your How is not the investment you think it is.

If you bought in Rochester, N.Y., in 1980, you would have seen only a mediocre 4% annual growth for the next 25 years.

• If you bought in Dallas in 1986, as the oil boom went bust, your home wouldn’t have appreciated at all before 1998.

These are just a couple of points to consider and think about.   Leave your comments bellow and let us know what you think about buying and renting

More About Fear Farm in Clayton *Warning*

Darren Kincaid - Friday, October 29, 2010

Clayton Fear Farm Haunted House Theme Park *Warning* This Clip is intended to Frighten!

Many of our residents were asking about the Clayton Fear Farm in the Triangle area of North Carolina.  Well, here you go.  We must warn you though, parental discretion is advised.  Before you click this video we will let you know right now that IT IS SCARY! But you will see people smiling at the end and giving good remarks.  This clip of Fear Farm in Clayton is for the MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY!

Happy Halloween Boo!

Halloween Festive Resident Party is Tonight 10/25

Darren Kincaid - Monday, October 25, 2010

We are so excited!  Tonight is our fun Halloween Festive Resident Party!! We are going to have some great food from Napper Tandy’s; Power House Chicken Pasta, Hawaiian Meatballs, Chicken Nuggets and Macaroni Cheese.  Come and join have fun with us.  Put on your favorite costume and don’t forget we will be giving out prizes for the best dressed.  We will also have some of our Resident Advantage Program members coming out as well.  Jill’s Beach, Character’s Quarters and Garner Ice House just to name a few.

Be sure to bring you smiles and laughter as well as your boo’s and screams because this Halloween Festive Resident Party will be really fun! Check out the Abberly Place Facebook Page for a live conversation around the Halloween Festive Resident Party.

The North Carolina State Fair Begins Today

Darren Kincaid - Friday, October 15, 2010

The North Carolina State Fair begins today…rain rain go away come again another day!! The NC State Fair will be taking place October 14th through October 24th. For all those who have never been it truly is an experience.

There are concerts with performances by Chris Young, Jeffery Osborne, Darius Rucker and many, many more well known recording artists.

There are fun events, attractions and entertainment for all ages.  The Kiddieland Fun Park will be awesome for your children and they will enjoy Michelle’s Magical Poodles on the Kiddieland Stage.

You should be really excited right now! What else does the North Carolina State Fair have to offer?  Well, besides the rides, games, firework and food you’ll have to see for yourself.

More info: Celebrate The North Carolin State Fair in Raleigh

Our Resident Advantage Program is Working Great!

Darren Kincaid - Thursday, September 23, 2010

Our Resident Advantage Program is working great!

Advantage of Discounts

We are glad that you’ve been taking advantage of the Resident Advantage Program.  This is one of the many perks that our residents get here at Abberly Place Apartments in Garner North Carolina.  We are literally just ten minutes away from downtown Raleigh, North Carolina

Our residents really enjoy having such luxurious apartments in such a convenient location to downtown Raleigh but without all of the hustle and bustle or the constant traffic.  We have over 16 spacious and unique floor plans to choose from.  One bedroom, two bedroom or three bedroom’s, which ever you are interested in renting you can find here.  But we didn’t write this post boast about how great it is to live at Abberly Place Apartments near Raleigh, we wanted to let you know that all of the 40+ local businesses that are involved in the Resident Advantage Program really appreciate your participation.

Take a look at our website to see what other great deals are available for you. Resident Advantage Program Just another reason to live at Abberly Place Apartments

Become a Green Avenger

Darren Kincaid - Friday, September 17, 2010

Become a Green Avenger

The Green Avenger

First of all what is a Green Avenger? Well, simply put a Green Avenger is anyone who is willing to become disciplined enough to take care of our environment.

A Green Avenger starts with the little things.  When you see the recycle bin next to the trash can you place the plastics in with the plastics and the paper and aluminum where they need to go.  It is the lazy villain that just throws everything into the trash can without recycling.  we all know that we need to make  better decisions where to preserve our community and environment.

Let’s all think a little more green.  I’ can help you get there.  Take a look at this cool website that will give you some great tips and ideas on how to become a Green Avenger.

Have a great weekend from Abberly Place Apartments!

Google Instantaneous: Now Google’s Search Engine is Super Fast! #googleinstant

Darren Kincaid - Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Google has just made the announcement about Google Instant watch the video below.

Google Instant Search Engine

In 2010 the amount of digital information on the internet will reach over 1,000,000 times the information in the libraries of America.  Now that we’ve got your attention we hope that you will Try Google Instant.

Google is always searching for new ways to improve on search engine results. No, we don’t work for Google and we will not collect any residual benefits from your decision to Try Google Instant Now.  We simply like moving fast on the internet, that’s all.  You should like moving faster too.

I have the Abberly Place Premium wi-fi Package in my apartment but sometimes I like to go to the Club House or even Boarders right up the street from Abberly Place Apartments.  It doesn’t matter where I go, the internet is fast, fast and fast!  Thanks Google Instant.

Watch this video of Google Instant in Action

Abberly Place Apartment Homes

500 Abberly Crest Boulevard, Garner, NC 27529

Call: 844-230-1753
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Opens: Monday-Friday: 9A-6P | Saturday: 10A-5P | Sunday: 1P-5P