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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – Garner, NC

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine’s Day is the occasion when you can treat your other half, whether it is a casual, friendly or serious relationship.  Are you asking friends and neighbors in your apartment in Garner, NC for some unique Valentines’ Day ideas? Here are some of our favorites.

On small pieces of paper, write down every kind of kiss that you can think of (examples: passionate, on the cheek, etc.). Then fill an inexpensive red felt bag with your “kisses” and give it to your spouse. Ask your spouse to pull several pieces of paper from the felt bag, and then give your sweetheart whatever kind of kiss is described.

Make a book about why you love your date and why you are thankful for him/her.

Take your sweetie on a scavenger hunt. Ask him/her to answer riddles to find the clues to items that you placed somewhere around town. The last item should give instructions that lead to your Valentine’s Day activities.

After enjoying a candlelight dinner for two at home, give your date a massage and watch a romantic movie.

Give your date a dozen roses. On each stem attach a note for a future date—to do something that she would enjoy (example: Go to the symphony).

If possible, go on a date with your valentine to a restaurant that you enjoyed when you first met. After you order your meal, take some time to write down favorite memories from the past year. Then share your lists.

Fill a large box with helium balloons and special gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Create an intimate Valentine’s Day evening at home, The woman who suggested this idea said that they “enjoyed planning the menu, shopping for the meal, and ultimately preparing the meal together. Cooking to soft, romantic music can really be a turn on! While dining, the same soft, romantic music is a wonderful mood-setter. Dinner was followed by just the two of us having the whole dance floor, our den, to ourselves. I won’t say what all this led to, but it was a truly romantic night that would not have happened at the local restaurant!”

Order food from a take-out restaurant and have a picnic for all the Valentines on your living room floor.

If you are separated across the miles, send a care package filled with things that are red.

Hide little heart candies in your valentine’s shoes, coat, car, etc.

Fill a jar with Valentine candy and notes for your valentine. Examples of notes are: Good for a backrub, 10 kisses, etc.

Surprise your valentine by taking a vacation day from work and enjoy Valentine’s Day at home. Have a relaxing morning together. Then go to a favorite restaurant for lunch.

Write a poem for your valentine and frame it.

On individual note cards, write why you love your spouse. Insert these cards in a small photo album.

Make a special “14 Reasons I Love You” Valentine’s Day breakfast for your sweetheart. On his/her plate, leave a letter or card listing 14 reasons that you love your valentine.

After your spouse goes to bed, tape notes to his car’s steering wheel with reasons that you love him, or decorate the bathroom mirror with lipstick kisses or Valentine’s window clings.

Have fun on February 14, and remember: Love is not meant to be given and received on just Valentine’s Day. Instead, it’s to be practiced every single day of the entire year.

Abberly Place Apartment Homes

500 Abberly Crest Boulevard, Garner, NC 27529

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